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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christina and Barbie’s 60th Birthday

Well, as it turns out, none of us really remember too much from that night after the karaoke started. So, we are going to have to piece this together, together…..
This may be a painful process, but let us see what we can do. Barbie has summed the evening up as follows:

“Ok, so here's how it went down ...that F-in bitch Wilma made us reschedule our party like 10 times! But as they say in show business, the Show must go no, and it did a day early.
The tent was hot but it looked really pretty. And my cupcake tower was awesome. At around 8 pm I started drinking and that's all I remember. Thanks for coming out.

Oh wait there was this one part... I remember yelling Tequila shots! Which is weird cuz I don't drink Tequila. but I did that night! So lets review: very pretty tent blah blah... people , drinks, drinks, TEQUILLA, the end.

My party rocked!!!!!”

Yeah, good times. With Tita’s help, I was able to remember a little more than that. OK, so the show went on a day early, and it just so happened to be the effing hottest day of 2005. Humid, and hot and nasty. Nothing a little liquor can’t cure, I always say! So aaaannywhoos… was a fairly quiet and relaxing evening until Babs decided it was time for karaoke. She and Tita took the stage, and belted out a rousing rendition of Laverne and Shirley. Some other stuff happened…and some other people showed up…and there was lots of singing. My dad serenaded my mother with “Gloria,” which is when I realized that he, too, had been seeking salvation from the heat in a bottle of Chivas. The next thing I knew, he was up there singing “Mack the Knife”—and you know I had to help a brother out! So I sang back-up, and we received a standing ovation, as always. Barbie pretty much took over karaoke from there—and I can’t remember what she sang. Although I am pretty sure there was cover of the Copa in there someplace. My mother, God bless her, attempted to sing “Rapper’s Delight,” but Ben had to take over. He followed that one up with “Baby Got Back.” Sweet.

OK, so what do we have so far: It was hot. Lots of people showed up. My dad was throwing ‘em back and singing like a fool. My mom tried to sing.

Right about the time Ben sang “Baby Got Back” is when I looked around and realized everyone was HAMMERED. The bartender had been tipped with a thong, Barbie broke out the Patron, and poor Spanky showed up and realized there was no way for him to catch up—I think he put in a good effort though. (I took a shot of tequila, too. Jorge made me. This is especially disturbing since I never--EVER--drink it. I can't even handle margaritas. I had a bad night a long time ago--I tried it once again when I was living in NC and I almost puked as soon as it hit my lips. Pleeh. So disgusting. Never again.)

I say eff this story. Let’s let the pictures do all the talking. But first, a uber big thanks to Jessi and her family for putting on such a kick-ass (and beautifully decorated) party!

Now, without further ado:

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