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Friday, November 11, 2005

The Last Hurrah of ‘05

It’s been a couple weeks since the hurricane, but I only feel it necessary to post these pics because it WAS our last Hurricane Party of ’05. Kinda sad—kinda not. I’m sure there will be more to come next season, but we had so much fun this year! Except for that time we got flooded in at Ryan’s house after Katrina and we had to wet-vac our cars, with what might have quite possible been the worst hangovers on record. And since we really didn’t think it was coming, I didn’t get gas, and Ryan had to drive me all over town to find some. Ugh. That sucked. But thanks for that B. Other than that, we had some really memorable moments. I’m sure some will be in my Top 5 at years’ end. We had our last party at de Moya’s, and it was supposed to be only a couple hours since we had no idea when the weather was supposed to start “deteriorating” and we’d be facing “blustery squalls” driving home. But, a few hours turned into several hours because we were having SO much fun watching Kimmie after several V-RB’s! No, really, she never gets like that, but when she does, you must cherish every moment. She is absolutely hysterical when she’s wasted. AJ was right up there with her, as you will see in the pics below. A big thanks to the de Moya's for having us over!!

The hurricane itself was unsettling. Allison and I stayed at Kimmie’s, which was so shuttered up it was air-tight. Lucky for us, Kimmie didn’t lose power (although it flickered a couple times) OR cable. Yay! My parents kept calling to find out what was going on as they held their French doors closed for roughly 2 hours—and that was just during the first half of the storm. Allison slept through almost everything—thank goodness—and it was all over fairly early in the morning. It was about this time that I realized: Kimmie does not own a coffee maker….OR instant coffee. Aaaggghhhhh. We ventured out and found that Dunkin’ Donuts was open. Now, when I say “Open,” I mean they took one shutter off and were selling yesterday’s donuts in the dark. I just wasn’t meant to have coffee that morning. In fact, I didn’t have coffee until the next day at “Baldwin’s Daily Cocktail Hour,” and I was surprisingly OK with it. During this week, I also successfully curbed my wicked internet addiction. I’m still doing fairly well on that front.

The days following the hurricane were, quite possibly, the most beautiful days we’ve had this entire year. This was especially good since no one except Kimmie had lektricity. None of us had to work, the kids didn’t have school, and there was an 8:00pm curfew. So, you may be asking yourself, “Cathie, what did you guys do all week?” Well, let me answer that for you. We’d get up whenever we felt like it (actually, when Allison woke up), eat breakfast, sit around, drive around, and then be at Ryan’s by 3pm for cocktail hour. The kids played the entire week, and we even had our own “World Series” in the street. This was interrupted briefly when a dog got run over by some jacka*s on a cell phone, right in front of the kids. After 30 min. of crying, and reassuring the kids that the dog was NOT going to die,the game resumed--kids are so resilient.

Come Friday, it was time to prepare for the Baldwin Halloween Bash. More on that next week….

Until then, enjoy the pics, and have a good weekend!

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