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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Join me.....

So, I plugged my iPod into my sister’s iTunes (because she has the ultimate collection) and I thought some of you would enjoy a little stroll down memory lane…Please bare with me while I scan through song by song to pick out only the best...

1. Buffalo Stance-Neneh Cherry “He’s a gigolo maaaaan!”

2. Circle- Edie Brickell “I quit…I give up!” How depressing.

3. Casey Jones-Grateful Dead “Driving that train….high on (edited)…” Awesome.

4. Come on Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Running I can’t help but think of Jim singing this song in some random downtown Chicago bar. Along with about 40 drunk chicks….he was mocking them, of course….

5. Could’ve Been-Tiffany. “Could’ve been so beautiful…could’ve been so right” Could’ve ended her career. No, seriously, I am not kidding….It’s really on my iPod. I am listening to it now. My side hurts…laugh cramps. I really use to LOVE this song.

6. Eye of the Tiger-Survivor…. There are no words. A classic. (A stroll down memory lane for my CH readers: Mark singing this karaoke on the X-mas cruise….)

7. Fade Into You-Mazzy Star Still one of my favorites

8. Foolish Beat- Debbie Gibson Almost as good as “Electric Youth”

9. Heaven-Warrant …and Cherry Pie…do any of you remember that video?

10. Here I Go Again- Whitesnake No words except [Cartman’s voice] “Kick-ass…”

11. Hey Jealousy- Gin Blossoms This is a freakin’ GREAT song! Reminds me of the summer before 10th grade…. And of the bee song! What was the name of that?? By Blindmelon?!??! Anyone remember? Jill, I know you do!

12. Hits from the Bong- Cypress Hill…..oh my… “…just got an ounce in the maaaail…”….and “Insane in the Membrane” (“Who you tryin’ to get crazy with ese?...Don’t you know I’m locooooo” and “I Wanna Get High (so high).” That “Black Sunday” CD was somethin’ else….

13. I’d Die Without You- P.M. Dawn Wow. That enormously huge guy with dreads that sang this song was peculiar.

14. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers “And I would walk 500 miles and I would 500 more..” If either one of these two came within 500 miles of my house I would file a restraining order. Freaks.

15. I’ve Been In Love Before- Cutting Crew “..the hardest part is when you’re in it…” Still a good song. No snide remarks here.

16. I Get Weak- Belinda Carslisle So fantastically fantastic. What’s her other song? Heaven on Earth? That’s good, too. Do any of you remember the other “I Get Weak (In The Knees) song by….SMW or SWF or something like that…back in 93 (approx)? I should download that song.

17. I Remember You- Skid Row They still kick ass. “Honey, I have a rock stars sweat on me! A real rock star!”-Jennifer Baldwin, Metal Factory, to her now husband at the Skid Row concert. Ryan was the best waiter EVER that night. Thanks again for getting us drinks so we didn't lose our front row seats :)

18. Lately- Jodeci (Unplugged) Oh…my…..goodness…..still makes me want to cry. Them Jodeci boys really know how to tug at your heart….

19. Never Surrender- Corey Hart I still hear this on the radio….it’s really not that good, but it is….

20. NO RAIN!!!!- Blindmelon Oh, I am so excited…it’s the bee song! It’s on here! It’s really on here!

21. Nothing Compares 2 U- Sinead O’Conner You know, this was my 6th grade “class song.” I don’t know why. It’s hella depressing, but that’s what everyone “voted on.” (I don’t remember the “vote,” but that’s neither here nor there). Whatever happened to Sinead anyways...didn't she spit on the Pope or something tragically destructive to her career? I can't remember.

OK, I have to stop now because I forgot my iPod charger, and the battery is about to die. I am going to listen to “No Rain” one more time before it does….

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