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Friday, January 27, 2006

“I don’t want to talk about it….”

Yup, it’s here. I’m not liking this “aging” thing. Dinner last night was “freakin’ awesome” though. Thanks for everything Kristen and Gabri! You guys put on one helluva dinner party! From Grey Goose to Thai food--it was a really enjoyable evening.

Anyways, here’s a re-cap of my morning thus far:

6:32am Woke up with a dull headache (I say headache, you say hangover….whatever)

6::33am My punkin gave me 100 kisses and sang Happy Birthday to me. So sweet :)

6:36am Showered

6:38am Allison came into the bathroom threatening to “vomit” because she didn’t feel well. (“I feel like I’m going to vomit. I don’t think I can make it to school today.”)

6:39-6:40am Assured Allison that she would live through this “spell” as she hung her head in the toilet bowl spitting while making fabricated vomiting sounds.

6:47am Exited shower

6:48am Went into my room to moisturize to find a mosquito in my room. A huge one. I mean, seriously, it's freakin JANUARY…only in Miami.

6:49am Put on my Tutti Dolce Apple Torta Body Soufflé (best stuff EVER). Felt fabulous.

6:52am Went from feeling fabulous to feeling something weird on my hindquarters.

6:52:30am Realized the mosquito had bitten my hindquarters.

6:53am Vowed revenge

6:54am Went to the bathroom to apply makeup.

6:54:12am Realized I went to the bathroom to apply makeup with mosquito in tow.

6:54:26am Called the mosquito an as*shole.

6:54:38am Cornered the mosquito and slapped him, then flattened him.

6:54:40am Said “That is what you get for being an a*shole.”

6:54:41am Congratulated myself.

7:00am Ready to conquer 28.

7:01am Decided to treat Allison and myself to Starbucks for my birthday.

7:11am Walk into Starbucks to find the Barista mopping up Mocha at the front door.

7:11:10am Look over to see Florence’s son covered head to toe in Mocha.

7:11:15am Felt bad for Florence’s son.

Laughed when I saw Florence’s face

Thought Alex was a crazed rapist when he jumped out of his car to wish me a Happy Birthday in front of Starbucks.

7:59am Arrived at the office.

8:01am Got to my office door to find my door gift wrapped.

8:02am Opened my office door to find 300 balloons and graffiti all over my windows.

8:05am Got lots of presents from my co-workers. Yay!

8:10am Sliced my finger open while cutting my bagel with a plastic knife from Starbucks (no, I am so not kidding)

8:20am Received a bottle of Grey Goose from the CFO. Awesome. Things are lookin’ up!

8:45am Received flowers from Espee. Very pretty. Made me happy.

8:50am Went to Robert’s office to get a file

8:51am Tripped over the cords for Robert’s speakers while leaving, only to send his speakers, monitor, and all of his office supplies crashing to the ground.

8:52am Apologized, called myself a dumba*s and walked out while being laughed at.

I’m not sold on 28 yet. Perhaps things will get batter. This e-card from Joy helped. And the flowers from Kimmie made me even happier. :)

I’m going to lunch, going home, and then going to the hotel with Big Sis to commence my birthday celebration. See you girls there! Oh, and see you boys tomorrow! xoxoxo

In loving memory of Pepper, a kick a*s dog. We will miss you.
(1987- January 26, 2006.)

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