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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I did not intend to disappoint…..

However, my “problem” (b.k.a. Ryan) and I discussed the Halloween posting at dinner last night, and had to make a difficult decision—not to post the surprise. Now, I know some of you are very disappointed, and to show you that I am not completely dead inside, I will post a few pics from the party. If you really need a story to accompany the photos, here’s a brief recap of the party:

We bought lots of food, lots of liquor, and lots of decorations. We ate lots of food, drank lots of liquor, and admired our mad decorating skillz. The End.

Some of you will be seeing the surprise on a vacation we will be taking in the near future. I won’t say anymore though. And don’t try to get it out of Ryan and me—we won’t crack.

Now, as far as Tammy’s Bachelorette Party in Key West goes, well, you know what they say! “What happens in Key West stays in Key West!” OK, no one says that—but that’s what we agreed upon in our very secret “Trust Candle lighting Ceremony” Friday. I was thinking about either posting the “My Favorite Moments” everyone e-mailed yesterday, or just posting the pics with some captions basically narrating our weekend—I’m not sure yet….. feel free to e-mail me your suggestions.
I’m off to Gainesville Friday with the whole gang for UF v. FSU (Go Gators!), so Key West will be posted next week, followed by G-ville pics.

Oh, and before I go, how ‘bout them Canes???? Teeheeheeheeee---that game Saturday was AWESOME. You all know I love each and every one of my Canes fans—and it has been a pleasure hating you this football season, but I just can’t let that loss go. And to Ryan, Joey and Kimmie, I am quite sad that our 2005 rivalry is coming to an end, but let’s look forward to next year when all three of our teams hopefully won’t suck as much as they did this season. xoxoxo

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! And a Happy Sankgiving to all my hispanic friends!

(Check back later for the Halloween pics--the program is not posting them and I do not have time to deal with it right now. Toodles!)

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