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Thursday, December 15, 2005

So, I've received mixed reviews....

Some of you LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and others gave me the "'s.....cute...I guess." Except for Tita and Kimmie, who clearly do not like change, and prefer the black background. Anyways, I attempted to change it back to what I had before, but that proved to be disastrous. I don't know what I did, but it was nothing good.

But, I am very tired, and even though there are still 6 days till company shutdown (and a little more than a week till we hit the slopes!!), I am already...what's the right colloquialism I am looking for.....spent. So, deal with this template until I care enough to figure out what I did. I'm going to take a nap under my desk now. Night.

Oh, and re: G-ville....I left the picture taking up to my sister. Nuff said. We'll never see them. It's IS a funny story that I may share with you in my "Top 5 Most Effed-Up Trips of Oh-Five" next week.

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