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Friday, August 05, 2005

And now, Tita's story....

Hey, Kimmie had a bad night alright, but I had a bad's MY story....

So I was driving down Old Cutler on this oh-so-beautiful morning with my top down, sunglasses on, and iTunes rockin' was a serenity I had not experienced in quite some time. As I made my way to meet Mom and Allison for breakfast I was enjoying the drive between bright warm sun and the shaded trees over the road that makes the temperature drop 10 degrees even if it's only for a few moments....all was good with the world....

...until that fucking Thomasville Furniture truck pulled in front of me scraping the top of all of the trees with its top causing me to be assaulted with every fucking berry those beautiful shade trees held...not to mention the birds shitting themselves, AND ME, as it passed their perch. There was nowhere to hide. I had the top down, no street to turn onto, and now I couldn't see b/c my sunglasses were covered in some sort of berry-shit paste....mother bitch. There is berry schmeg everywhere....all over me, all over the car, everywhere.

I finally picked up Allison, who overheard me regaling Barbie with the sordid details of my driving adventures....and Allison, a FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD, began to giggle and said....and I quote...."Guess it's not a BERRY good day for you, huh Tita?"


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