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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I wonder if this is indicative of why I’m single….


To: All those I am dating and all potential suitors

From: Me


Please ignore this entry.

Thank you.

So, I had to go to the grocery store during lunch today since my evening is already booked, and I had just enough time to go to Starbucks after (it’s a sick addiction, I know….). So I go to the one near South Com, and I stroll in and get in line. To my amazement, there were very few people there, and only one person in line. I’m standing there, and I place my order, when this guy in his military uniform comes out of nowhere—almost like an angel (sigh). He is standing behind me in line, and the barista asks him what he wants, you know, trying to speed up the coffee making process, and he tells her. She looks at him and says “Weren’t you here earlier?” I turned my head a little bit, amused by the question, and he replies “Noooooo…” It wasn’t until then that I realized how effing HOT this guy was. And, I don’t mean Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men” hot…I mean, Ben Affleck in “Pearl Harbor” hot (yeah, TERRIBLE acting, but you must admit, he looked good!). So, I begin ignoring him, because that’s what I do. He then says to me “I guess [military personnel] all look alike.” I respond by saying “Teeheee…they say that to me everyday.” (Which they do, but in a joking manner, because I am there quite frequently.) So, I grab my coffee and go to get my Half-and-Half and Equals, and he follow right behind me. The following conversation ensued:

Ben Affleck in “Pearl Harbor”: “Those are nice shoes.”

Me (mortified that he’s looking at my shoes/feet because I still have not had my chipped pedicure repaired on my big toe): “Oh, thanks! My feet aren’t so pretty right now, but thank you.”

BA in ”PH”: “I still think they are pretty. Your feet are beautiful, too.”

Oh my God. I can actually feel the blood rushing to my head because of the following reasons:

1. He’s effing HOT.
2. I am bumbling like an idiot with my Equals.
3. He is complimenting my feet, and for those of you that know me, I HATE feet—so this is flattering and gross at the same time.

Now, what I wanted to say was “My shoes are even nicer when I wear them to dinner,” but what I really said was “Thank you. OK, you have a nice day!” I then walked as fast as I could without running out of the place. Why? I have no idea. He said, as I was running out of the place, “O….OK…you, too.” I turned around after walking out and he was still staring at me through the glass—wondering if it was something he said, I’m sure. Getting a compliment from a hot guy usually results in me being a complete idiot and ignoring them for some reason....I should look into the causes of my idiotic behavior.

I think I am going to have to go to this Starbucks more often though. There are ALWAYS cuter guys there—this is the one that I always see Dr. Sean Keniff at (you know, the doctor from the first “Survivor”). He wants me, too. (Kidding.)

So, about Key West: Tammy is having a little technical difficulty with the photo CD she got from CVS, so I am waiting on these pics. I have decided to just write the intro to the weekend, and my theory on how bad things follow me where ever I go, and let the pics tell the rest of the story. Same goes for Gainesville--I'll write allllll about why it great--to be--a Flor-i-da Gator, and I will finish with some back-up to my theory on how bad things follow me where ever I go.

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